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Rate the size of your mold problem:

Small (ex. Small bathroom 5' x 8' = 40 sq ft.)
Medium (ex. Attic or garage aprox. 10' x 10' = 100 sq ft)
Large (100-500 sq ft)
ExtraLarge (500+ sq ft)

Indicate the location(s) on your mold problem:

Patio and Concrete
Decks and Fencing
Sporting Equipment/Camping/Boats and Marina

What does your mold look like?

Mold on tiles

Mold around bathroom ceiling vent

Black mold under sink

Green mold on attic ceiling

Brick mold

Black mold on drywall and floor

Holy cow! Are you kidding me? RUN!!!

Are you having any health related issues?

Runny eyes, cough, sneezing
Rash, hives
Trouble breathing
Asthma attacks

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